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Handling systems

Handling manipulators and industrial grippers

Everything for efficient wire basket handling!
Wire basket grab with STRÖDTER lifting technology • Handle wire baskets ergonomically with STRÖDTER lifting aids!

Wire baskets provide an efficient Solution for the storage and transport of different goods, especially heavy and bulky items. In industrial environments, the use of lifting techniques is essential to safely handle these baskets. At STRÖDTER we offer a variety of lifting techniques and lifting aids that are specifically tailored to wire baskets. If necessary automatic load detection is used.
Our lifting techniques include a wide range of solutions, including special grippers, Manipulators and lifting systems that enable safe handling and the transport of wire baskets make possible. By using our high-quality lifting techniques, workers can move efficiently and safely Handle wire baskets without having direct contact with the transported materials, especially in Situations where chemicals are used.
STRÖDTER handling manipulator for wire baskets

Our B2B solutions for lifting techniques not only guarantee safety, but also also increase the efficiency and practicality when handling wire baskets. Our products are designed to meet the needs of the industry while supporting the longevity of the wire baskets. With our lifting aids we offer complete support for the use and handling of wire baskets different industrial environments.

Discover the appropriate lifting techniques at STRÖDTER, which are specifically tailored to the requirements and use of wire baskets.

Our solutions carry contributes to increasing safety and optimizing efficiency in industrial processes.

STRÖDTER handling manipulator for wire baskets

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